Amazing NEW Hot Towel Pre-Shave Lotion

Billy Jealously Hot Towel Pre Shave 177mlsBilly Jealousy Hot Towel

With so many pre-shave products available where does Billy Jealously Pre-Shave Lotion fit in the scheme of things?

Let me tell you - Billy Jealously Hot Towel Pre Shave is totally awesome! A Hot Towel experience from a lotion? I agree is seems a bit weird but it's true.

No mucking around with real towels here, simply splash hot water onto your face then drop a small amount of Billy Jealously Pre-Shave Lotion onto the tips of your fingers, massage onto your wet bristles, a chemical reaction activates a heating element for that barber shop hot towel experience.

Then add your favourite Shaving Cream or Soap directly on top of the Billy Jealously Pre-Shave Lotion.

Continually re-moisten the formula with warm water while shaving.

Hot Towel is best for customers with LESS SENSITIVE SKIN, Billy Jealously Pre-Shave Lotion is pH balanced for all skin types.

About Billy Jealously (what they say): Billy Jealousy is more than just a product its a way of life that defines who you are: effortless yet edgy, playful but still polished. Sharply tailored for today's sophisticated bad boy and bad girl, our line is geared towards those who know how to look good. After all, an investment in your appearance can really pay off. Founded in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso, Billy Jealousy has become an icon in the skin care product industry. Our humble beginning grew from the desire to create a line of highly efficacious skin care products to be driven by science and nature and not marketing demographics. Yes we have fun with our brand but that does not sacrifice our quality. Today Billy Jealousy products are sold and used throughout the world, from Singapore to Auckland, NY to LA, London to Johannesburg.

We Say: I must admit before I tested this I thought Billy Jealously Hot Towel Pre Shave was another pointless gimmick. I tested it and wow - this stuff works! First you get the amazing hot towel feeling then a pleasant aroma hits your senses then you appreciate the wonderfully rich, cream you are massaging into the beard. This rich cream really does soften the beard and help your razor to glide and not dig in. I loved Billy Jealously Hot Towel Pre Shave - you will too. 177 mls / 6 Fl Oz so this is a big helping that will last for many, many shaves.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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