All Natural Vegan Shaving Soap For Sensitive & Normal Skin Types

The Executive Shaving Deluxe Soft Shaving SoapExecutive Shaving deluxe shaving soap

Not another new shaving soap I hear you say, what's so special about this one?

Well, for a start it is as pure as a shaving soap can be, in fact it's vegan, it's Paraben free, it contains no nasty chemicals, no fillers (used to bulk up cheap soaps and creams), no synthetic perfume and no artificial colouring.

We were very specific and strict with our requirements when sourcing our soap maker.

Not only did the soap have to perform well, we demanded it must be kind to the skin, as pure as possible and smell good enough to eat. After many false starts we eventually settled on what has become:
The Executive Shaving Company Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap

We're not telling you who makes our shaving soap, it's a secret. What we can tell you is the soap maker is based not in Scotland but in England. They grasped our requirements exactly and let's just say we're extremely delighted with the results. They have delivered a soft shaving soap that's all natural, smells delightful and lathers up a dream.

Executive Shaving deluxe soft shaving soapHow should I lather up this wonder shaving soap?

I've tried lathering up the Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap on my face and lathering up in a soap bowl before applying to my face. Both methods work well but I have found that taking out a wee dollop about the size of two baked beans and placing this in my trusty lathering up bowl to whip up with my shaving brush and some warm water gave me the rich, creamy, bubble free lather we wet shavers crave.

Bowl lathering allows you to regulate the amount of soap you use (no waste), I find swirling my brush into the soap when it's still in the tin invariably means I use too much soap.

Trust me, you don't need a lot of Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap to whip up an exceptional lather.

Most comments from guys who tested the Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap focussed mainly on two matters:

1) The beautifully rich, creamy lather

2) The astonishingly lemony scent. One customer told me "this shaving soap smells good enough to eat" while another told me "the scent took me back to my childhood, it smells just like the lime Opal Fruit sweet".

We are into recycling as much as we possibly can at Executive Shaving and pleasingly, this also applies to the aluminium screw top tin the soap comes in. Use it later for keeping cufflinks in or as I did for keeping handy self tapping screws in. If you don't need another tin, put it in the recycling bin. My guess is most guys will find a use for the tin.

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Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Tel: 0141 880 3040 (0044 141 880 3040)

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