ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap - Review

I had a stroke of luck last week, one of our packers dropped a tin of
ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap and dented the lid. Rather than the hassle of adding it to our Sale section on our website, I decided to buy it and see what all the fuss is about.
I already own Santa Maria Novella Shaving Soap which benefits from menthol and eucalyptus both are pleasingly refreshing on the skin. This premium shaving soap from Italy retails at £45.00 for 220ml. It’s one of the very best I have used.
Would ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap be as good?
The soap comes in a recyclable aluminium tub so you can lather up straight from the tub.
My usual weapons of choice are my Ultimate Synthetic Shaving Brush and trusty Claymore Single Edge Razor.
I poked my finger in the soap to gauge how hard it was and I found the soap wasn’t as hard as I assumed it would be, it’s not soft but it’s not as hard as say Martin de Candre shaving soaps which are air-dried and extremely hard when new. As a result, I easily loaded my brush with lather by gently swirling the tips on the surface of the soap, I then face lathered for around 30 seconds.
What amazed me was how rich and creamy the lather was despite minimal effort from me. It covered my face and neck bristles evenly with no lumpy bits.
Immediately the minty fresh scent of the lather hit my senses at the same time I experienced a mild cooling sensation on my face and neck. I have used Snake Bite Shaving Soap and that delivers an icy cold blast to the senses, by contrast, ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap delivers a sensual coolness that is comforting and ever so pleasant.
My Claymore razor glided effortlessly over the contours of my skin, first with the grain and then against the grain and the little tidy up pass I do under my jawline. ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap provides exceptional razor glide due to the inclusion of glycerin in the ingredients.
I washed the lather remnants off my face and neck and dabbed dry. I then ran my fingers over the shaved area, it was smooth and moisturised by the shaving soap and felt really supple and good.
After getting dressed I splashed on some Nevis Aftershave to complete what was one of the absolute best shaves I have ever had.
How good is ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap?
I have used Santa Maria Novella Shaving Soap, Martin de Candre Rose and Original, all of the Fitjar soaps, Felce, Desert Vetiver, Stella Alpina and 70th Anniversary by Saponificio Varesino and lots more but I have to say after using ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap six times in the past week this is my new favourite despite strong competition.
Key Points:

  • Refreshing, clean, minty scent
  • Exceptionally rich lather
  • Easy brush loading
  • Delivers magnificent razor glide
  • Leaves the skin refreshed and moisturised
  • Large size 250ml size
  • Recyclable aluminium container
  • Price £28.00

Buy ACCA KAPPA Barbershop Shaving Soap here.

Compiled by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
Prices correct on 16th February 2022.

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