A Review Muhle Silvertip Fibre 70th Anniversary Shaving Brush

Muhle 70th Anniversary Silvertip Fibre® Shaving Brush


bought a Muhle 70th Anniversary Silvertip Fibre® (synthetic) Shaving Brush after my much loved White Mountain Badger Hair custom made shaving brush (it was a gift from a customer) started to annoy me due to excessive hair loss. Every time I used it I would lose around 6 hairs despite me being ultra-careful with it.

I have owned a Muhle travel brush for around 5 years and I’ve used it a lot since then, I cannot recall losing a single hair coming from that brush, it also performed well with soft soaps and the occasional hard soap.
What attracted me to buying the anniversary brush as opposed to a Simpson Case or a Vulfix was its cool, retro styling, the generous dimensions and my past experience with my Muhle travel brush. The Muhle 70th Anniversary Synthetic Shaving Brush benefits from perfect dimensions, great looks and a large knot. It’s heavy too at 162g and it has a large 23mm knot. The high grade resin handle was lathe turned and polished several times on a lathe to get the superb finish this brush has. The base is made from a metal alloy which is then chrome plated. It’s the metal base that gives this brush its wonderful heft. The knot of hair is even softer on the face than my White Mountain Badger Hair brush yet it has good backbone which is at least the equal of any shaving brush except possibly a Simpson Chubby.

Interesting fact: The synthetic fibre hairs are a Muhle invention and the wording Silvertip Fibre® is a Muhle registered trademark.

I am now a convert to synthetic shaving brushes for various reasons including no animal had to die, synthetic fibres dry almost immediately after use, no damp dog smell and no hair shedding. The Muhle Anniversary Brush performs exceptionally well in every respect and it looks stunning. I have also used a Simpson Chubby 2 synthetic brush and that too is a fantastic example of how new technology has allowed these manufactures to move forward from the horrible, scratchy synthetic brushes such as the Wilkinson Sword brushes you see in the supermarkets. The anniversary brush pips the Chubby 2 in looks but frankly both are highly recommended.

Muhle was founded in 1945 by Hans-Jürgen Muller and is now owned and managed by the third generation of the Muller family.
We at Executive Shaving have enjoyed a successful partnership with Muhle since 2008. Watch Andreas, one of the Muller brothers who run Muhle in this video talking about Muhle Synthetic brushes and see where and how they are made.

Part of the profit generated by the sales of the MÜHLE anniversary shaving items which include the silvertip fibre brush, a silvertip badger hair brush and a matching safety razor supports the project Learn to laugh“ by the charity organisation Bread for the world.
Around 1,500 boys and girls are employed in the markets of of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The Centre for the Protection of Children (CPC) gives these children access to education to help them to realise their dreams.
Techy Stuff
Knot: 23mm
Loft: 50mm
Total length: 100mm
Weight: 162g

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at exec.weboven.online
E: info@executive-shaving.co.uk
T: 0141 880 3040 (0044 141 880 3040)

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