A Review - Muhle R41SG

The new R41 Grande in stainless steel (R41SG) launched on 23rd March 2021. Naturally, I had to buy one and on the morning of 24th March I picked it up and used it. 

The first thing you notice about the R41SG is its impeccable, shiny finish. Then you marvel at the faultless engineering and then the heft. Combined you get a stunning looking razor that would not look out of place on the winners’ podium at an international design competition.

I was slightly nervous about shaving with this razor as the R41 is well known as being a very close shaver and recently I have been using The Outlaw, The OneBlade Genesis and a Feather WS-D2S all of which give me close shaves without nicks and with no post-shave irritation. Would the R41SG be too aggressive for me? Would I cut my skin? Would I be left with redness and post-shave irritation?

I decided not to use any pre-shave lotion and I opted for The Executive Shaving Company Bay Rum Shaving Cream with a new Perma-Sharp blade.

After washing my face with warm water and face lathering with the Bay Rum shaving cream, I tentatively picked up the R41SG and gently shaved from my right-hand side cheek bone to my jaw, I then drew my index finger upwards over the shaved area and wowzer, after only one pass it was smooth! I then shaved the rest of my face before moving onto my neck. I was taking this nice and slowly, applying minimum pressure, letting the weight of the razor do the work. On my neck once again, I shaved with the grain and I was amazed at how effortless shaving is with the R41SG.

I washed my face again and with my wet fingertips I retraced where I had shaved, mostly I was clean shaven especially on the meatier cheek parts of my face, my neck too was pretty much clean shaven. The only areas that needed a tidy up were under my jawline.

 At the sides of my mouth and on my chin. I lathered up again and shaved against the grain being careful to only shave on areas of skin that were smothered in lather. The end result was a perfectly close shave apart from on my chin, where I could still feel some beard hairs. I put this down to me being too tentative and slightly nervous rather than any failings from the razor or razor blade. So, one final tidy up on my chin, just a quickie I told myself nothing to worry about here, then it happened, I cut my chin!

It is not a wound and it wasn’t deep, but it did bleed, and I was angry with myself for being careless. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have cut myself using The Outlaw, The OneBlade Genesis or Feather WS-D2S, my nervousness and my foolhardy desire to get a perfectly smooth shave was to blame. Post-shave I had no redness or irritation (other than the nick on my chin).

Here is my summing up:

  • The R41SG is a big razor, hefty in the hand and a close shaver, I think with practice I can get away with only one pass and a touch up on my troublesome jawline and chin and achieve a perfectly close shave.
  • The R41SG benefits from flawless engineering (the razor head is milled from stainless steel).
  • The R41SG a razor for experienced safety razor users, men with tough, dense beards and this may surprise some, but men who have sensitive skin should consider using this razor with a mild shaving blade such as Perma-Sharp or Personna. The combination of a close shaving razor and a mild blade would mean fewer passes would be needed to get a close shave and fewer passes lead to less post-shave irritation.
  • The R41SG is affordable, at only £115.00 it compares favourably on price to other all stainless-steel razors such as the Feather AS-D2 which is £170.00 and The Outlaw which is £99.00.
  • I wouldn’t use the R41SG midweek, I would however use it at the weekends and on days when I’m not working, and I have time to concentrate on what I’m doing.

Shop the R41SG here.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
Prices correct at 24th March 2021


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