Q: What's The Best Pre Shave Product?

This is a question we get asked frequently, there are lots of products to choose from including pre-shave oils, pre-shave gels, pre-shave balms and pre-shave soaps. So, what's the best all-round pre-shave treatment? This depends on your requirements and your budget, to help you we have summarised a few of the pre-shave products we sell.
The original blog post was first published back in October 2014. We have updated it to reflect the advice and products we recommend toay.

best pre shave treatmentsPre Shave Oils

Truefitt & Hill and Musgo Real are popular and they certainly deliver on performance but they are also clog up the razor and the hair in your shaving brush. The other major downside is the annoying scum ring they leave on your sink. Give them a swerve and opt for Executive Shaving Pre-Shave Oils. We call them oils but in reality, they are highly concentrated, bespoke, vegetable oil-based liquid soaps that are made for us by an artisan soap maker in Scotland. They are all-natural and water soluble so they don't clog up your razor and brush and there is no scum mark left on the sink. Available in two scents, Lime & Patchouli and minty Peppermint, Grapefruit and Lavender. Our modern-day pre-shave oils have all of the benefits of a traditional pre-shave oil but without the downsides, they are also substantially cheaper too! Lime & Patchouli 100ml only £11.50, Fuar Ach Snog 150ml £17.00.

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Pre Shave Creams, Gels and Balms

Proraso is popular, it doubles as a pre-shave cream and as a post-shave balm, it's very inexpensive yet it effectively softens the bristles and it's easy to use. Available in Eucalyptus, Sandalwood & Shea Butter and one for Sensitive Skin. Proraso recently launched a Mint & Rosemary Exfoliating Paste, it's designed to cleanse the skin, remove impurities and dead skin cells but when used before shaving, this paste also softens beard bristles and lifts the bristles off the surface of the skin. Taylor's Jermyn Street and Sandalwood pre-shave gels are very average performers and overpriced compared to Proraso.

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Pre Shave Soaps

Despite its hefty price tag of £14.00 for 165g,  Musgo Real Glycerin Based Soap is a popular buy. This soap does a superb job in cleansing the skin and softening the bristles before shaving, this soap is wonderfully lubricating due to the amount of glycerin it contains so leave a coating on your face and apply your shaving lather on top for a super-smooth shave. Fitjar of Norway is known for producing some of the very best shaving creams and soaps, they also deserve plaudits for their Nyasha Pre-Shave Stubble Softener and Facial Cleanser, this deep cleaning soap contains black earth clay which penetrates into the roots of your beard, hair softening each hair while cleaning and exfoliating the skin.

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The Executive Shaving Company Oatmeal Exfoliating Face Soap

Our Oatmeal exfoliating face soap is alcohol-free and contains no synthetic perfumes. The main ingredients include soft Scottish water, real Scots Oats, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. It contains no artificial colouring and no 'bulkers' to bulk out its volume. It delivers superior, wonderfully enriching lather that gently cleanses the skin before shaving. The oats naturally and gently exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells, the lathering motion will soften beard hairs quickly leading to a close and comfortable wet shave. This soap is as pure and natural as a soap can be.

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Written by Brian Mulreany, Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
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