It was in 2014 that we launched our hugely successful Braveheart Safety Razor. Since its launch, it has never been out of our monthly top ten selling items. I guess some of its appeal is the name particularly for Scottish expats in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and I know the £40.00 price tag is another reason for its success.

 Executive Shaving The Outlaw All Stainless Steel Razor Additionally, I think a lot of its success is down to it being slightly closer shaving compared to the Merkur 34c, and the Muhle and Jagger 89 series. A closer shaving razor means fewer passes are needed for a close shave and fewer passes mean less post-shave irritation and less time spent at the sink. The Braveheart has a metal alloy head and a solid, lathe-turned, stainless steel handle.

More than two years ago I started looking for a manufacturer who could make an all stainless steel version to extremely close engineering tolerances with a low profile, streamlined head and the same blade exposure as the Braveheart.
I made contact with numerous Scottish engineering firms and several quoted for the business but the prices were eye wateringly expensive so the net was spread to Europe, I got the same results, then the design engineer who worked on the head with me suggested a few firms in the USA, they too came up with either ridiculously high minimum quantities and or excessively high manufacturing prices.

I was almost at the point of writing the project off and the £800 design costs not to mention my time when Steve Tinter the CEO of The Alpha Brush Company mentioned that the firm in Hong Kong who makes his stunning Alpha shaving brushes welcome new business. Steve took the technical drawings to the main man and within a month I had a prototype to test.
Although it looked fabulous it was far too aggressive, the engineer responsible had misinterpreted the drawings so we have another on order, assuming this one meets our requirements we will order the first batch of 200 (their minimum quantity amount) and they should arrive with us in late November early December. Our new razor is called The Outlaw.

Pricing is all-important, we will launch The Outlaw at £98.50 which is an absolute steal when you consider Above the Tie is £192.50 for a polished all stainless steel razor and a Karve will set you back £137.00 for a lathe-turned handle and a cast head. The Feather AS-D2 is currently priced at £170.00.

The Outlaw price will increase in January to around £120.00 which still makes it massively cheaper than Above the Tie and Feather and significantly cheaper than Karve. With The Outlaw, there is no compromise on quality, the tolerance the engineers are working to is +/- 0.002 inch or 0.05mm (two thou). The razor comes hand-polished with a very shiny mirror finish. When The Outlaw launches, there will be an option to include a matching stainess steel Bullet Stand.

Compare here:

Brand & Razor

Stainless Steel?

Machine Tooled?

Polished Finish?


Executive Shaving
The Outlaw


Above the Tie
Polished Finish


Karve Stainless

Handle only



Feather ASD2

Matte coating



The Outlaw will increase in price to around £120.00 during January 2020.

The Outlaw is machine-tooled from solid blocks of 316L marine grade stainless steel, this grade of steel is very resistant to scratches, staining and corrosion. It polishes up to a beautiful, mirror polish sheen.
More to follow on The Outlaw when the new test razor arrives here.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at
Prices correct at 5th November 2019