Pleasingly, our customer satisfaction ratings have never been higher, we don’t always get it right but when we get it wrong, we try to fix it quickly. Our product range is always evolving, some brands we are dropping and new brands will take their place, we aim to offer as wide a range as possible of top-quality shaving and grooming products. These days, to remain relevant you have to improve customer satisfaction and offer products that excite and appeal to buyers.

The Outlaw Safety Razor

Well over two years in development, at long last, we have light at the end of a very long tunnel. The Outlaw is made from solid stainless steel to very fine engineering tolerances. It’s a razor that shaves closer than most safety razors, two passes and you’ll be cleanly shaved. Expect an early March launch, we’ve spent an absolute fortune on design, development and test pieces so we will be shouting it from the rooftops when The Outlaw is available.

The Claymore Single Edge Razor

We have put this project on the back burner to concentrate on The Outlaw, once the dust settles down on that we will turn our attention again to The Claymore. This should be an easier project to manage as we already have a model razor, all the manufacturer has to do is reverse engineer the head, simples… Look out for launch news sometime in summer 2020.

The big story in 2019 was our decision to no longer buy in badger hair shaving brushes and to sell off existing stocks at 20% discount. This will lead to us introducing more choice in our synthetic brush range throughout 2020.

Vielong Shaving Brushes

New for 2020 is the Vielong range of shaving brushes from Spain. Vielong has been around for 80 years, their horse hair shaving brushes are sourced ethically, each spring their horses are washed then groomed, the shorn hair is cleaned and graded and used in their shaving brushes. No animals are killed by Vielong.

Aftershave EDT

Following the successful launch of our Duine Fon Choill Aftershave in 2019, we are working with Pocket Scents, a Glasgow based perfumer to launch an Aftershave Eau de Toilette (EDT). This is a painstaking, drawn-out process whereby we choose a scent that Pocket Scents try to achieve within the parameters of an EDT. Too much perfume will burn the skin, too little and the scent is affected. Some scents that we like don’t work well as an EDT, we’re driving Mark the perfumer crazy with all the variations we request but hopefully by the summer of 2020 we will launch a brand-new EDT aftershave splash.


Our shaving cream containers are problematic. They look good and they’re recyclable but they’re too heavy which means additional postage costs and being glass, no matter how well we pack them now and again we have to replace creams that have arrived in broken or cracked containers. When existing stocks expire, we will replace the glass jars with aluminium, screw-top containers which are much lighter and can resist mishandling and impacts better than glass. They are also easier to recycle.

Getting Greener

We do what we can to be environmentally responsible, we reuse cardboard boxes supplies come in, internal packaging too. We pay monthly for cardboard and paper waste to be collected and recycled, we have changed our light fittings to ones that use less electricity and as from this week we no longer leave computers and printers on standby overnight. I have spoken individually to each staff member and asked them to buy into making The Executive Shaving Company as environmentally efficient as we possibly can. We need to protect the planet, every little helps

Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
15th January 2020