We all know times are tough right now as we see the price of petrol and diesel, heating, food and mortgages increase significantly. There are cost-cutting measures we can introduce and if you’re a wet shaver who uses cartridge blades, you’ve got to read this.
From what I can gather, it seems Gillette Fusion are the most popular cartridge blades, Gillette currently has them on offer today (13th May 2022) at £24.00 for 8 cartridges.
Muhle R89 Safety Razor
This works out at £3.00 per cartridge, despite what Gillette claim, I have only managed to get four decent shaves from one cartridge, I know this as I used a Fusion for a three day trip to Dublin (what a city) and the first four shaves were very decent, the fifth shave when I got home wasn’t pleasant, with lots of tugging and post-shave irritation.
My beard growth isn’t particularly tough or dense but let’s say that other men can tease out another shave from a blade to five shaves which works out at 80p per shave.
Compare that to shaving with a safety razor such as the top-selling Muhle R89.
The blades this razor uses cost £3.50 for ten and each blade is good for at least four shaves which work out at 0.28 pence per blade.
Assuming the average wet shaver shaves six times weekly, he would use 78 blades over the course of that year.
The annual cost of 78 x Gillette Fusion blades = £62.40
The annual cost of 78 x Safety Razor blades = £21.84
The difference is £40.56.
The cost of a Muhle R89 is £35.00 so in year one you will save £5.56 but of course, you will only buy the razor once so the savings in year two and subsequent years will be £40.56 or over £400+ over ten years.
Not only will you save money using a safety razor but your skin will benefit as a safety razor is far kinder to the skin compared to a cartridge blade, safety razor blades can be recycled but cartridge blades can't as they are made from a mix of plastic and steel.
Safety razor shaving – better for your wallet, your skin and the planet!

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
Prices correct at 13th May 2022