The wait is over, Muhle has finally launched the Rocca in a matte, stainless steel finish, I can tell you, the wait has been worth it, we were not disappointed when we opened the packaging.  Muhle Rocca Stainless Steel Shaving Set with Synthetic Brush
It's the simplicity of design that endears me to Muhle, fuss-free, very Germanic and very pleasing on the eye.
I like this new Rocca razor, it's a closer shaving razor than their flagship R89 and R106 razors and competitor razors such as the Merkur 34c and the Jagger 89 range. This is good, the Rocca will do in two passes what the aforementioned razors do in three passes. Fewer passes lead to less post-shave irritation and less time spent at the sink. There's something very satisfying about picking up the razor, the heft and dimensions tell you that this razor demands respect, this is no cheap Chinese made throwaway.
The beautifully engineered, honeycombed textured handle delivers good grip even when wet. The brand name Muhle is discreetly laser etched on the collar under the head.

We decided in November 2019 to no longer sell badger hair shaving brushes so all we will stock is the synthetic fibre version of the matte stainless steel Rocca brush not that anyone will miss out, I have long maintained that Muhle's synthetic brushes were of a higher standard than their badger hair brushes. The Muhle Rocca matte steel brush benefits from the same simple, clean design lines of the razor, what impresses me however is the ultra-soft fibres, way softer than any silvertip badger hair yet with a good backbone for lathering up hard shaving soaps and soft shaving creams. Many years from now, the head may need to be replaced, in keeping with Muhle's green philosophy, all you need do is replace the knot of hair. Unscrew the head, pop and screw a new one in, this way we can promise that this brush will last for 100 years and more. The Muhle windmill logo is laser etched on the base of the handle.

The Muhle Rocca Brush & Razor Stand is also finished in matte stainless. This dapper stand has a small footprint so no mater high tight space is in the bathroom this stand will fit in.
Finally, the razor, brush and stand are available as a money-saving set. Buy all three at the same time and save £25.40.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
Prices correct at 12th December 2019