Lomond EDP from Executive Shaving

Lomond our brand new Eau de Parfum launched on Friday 9th October '20.
The parfum is made and it’s now maturing at the Pocket Scents lab in the south side of Glasgow. executive shaving lomond edp

The Journey

We have been delighted by the feedback for our Nevis Aftershave Cologne Splash which is also made by Pocket Scents, sales are extremely buoyant and this got me thinking about how we can improve our range, raise the bar and keep our customers engaged and happy.

The Market

The market for men’s fragrances is well established and varied, brands such as Armani, Gucci, Tom Ford, Creed, Castle Forbes and Hugo Boss dominate the top end of the market while Adidas, Beckham, Cerruti and Drakkar dominate the low price end of the market.

Who is Lomond for?

We want Lomond to grab a foothold in the mid-market price range but with a price of sub £40.000 for 50ml. We also need this EDP to be something a 21 year old will enjoy wearing and one that a 75 year old man will also feel comfortable wearing. This may seem easy enough but when you factor in the massive range of scents, the cost of a premium glass bottle and spray application, an outer box, development costs, certification and the actual contents of the bottle the target price is no mean feat to achieve.

The Process

Not only is Matt extremly talented, he also has the patience of a saint, I told him I wanted something earthy and reminiscent of Loch Lomond after summer rainfall when the air is scented by the nearby woodlands and mountains, additionally it had to have classic fougere characteristics with good staying power and impact.
Matt blended 19 samples back in August, three were of particular interest to me, these were then re-blended and a further nine samples were presented to me, one of which I opted for. I was getting close to making a decision when Matt let me sample of an experimental EDP of his, this is good I thought, so elements of this were added to the blend and this is what we trialled.

Trialling Lomond

Opinions were sought from the staff at Executive Shaving, a barman and waitress at my favourite local bar, my two daughters, my two sons in law, my gym buddy and a neighbour. These people were selected because I knew they would tell me the truth and not what I wanted to hear. The feedback was good, but a few said the scent lacked staying power despite the sample containing 15% perfume. So, back to Matt at Pocket Scents to experiment with 15, 20 and 30% strength perfume.
Surprisingly, it was the 20% version that seemed to hit the spot best for immediate impact and staying power and that’s what we went with. This leaves the door open for a possible max-strenght Lomond 30% sometime in the future.

Tell me about the scent

Here’s the description Matt and I have come up with:
Base notes - Lavender and Patchouli
Middle Notes - Rosemary and Amber
Top Notes - Herbs, Oakmoss and earthy Woodiness

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Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
30th September 2019