This morning the weather in Glasgow at 6.45am was dreich.
Dreich is a word we Scots use to describe a combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold and miserable weather. On a morning like this I needed cheered up and so for the first time, I used my Ultimate In Luxury Shaving Kit to see if that would lift my spirits.

My Ultimate In Luxury Shaving Kit comprises of the following:

  • Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream
  • OneBlade, Single Edge BlackBlade Razor
  • Alpha Brush Company Synthetic & Titanium Shaving Brush
  • Executive Shaving Duine Fon Choill Aftershave

Ultimate Wet Sahving Kit(pictured is the OneBlade BlackBlade and the Alpha Titanium Shaving Brush).

Let’s start with The Executive Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream, at the time of writing, this cream has 56 reviews on our website, not one is negative. I guess that tells its own story. Price: £17.00.

OneBlade, Collectors Edition Single Edge BlackBlade Razor. This beauty is finished in a black coloured military-grade PVD coating, it looks like no other razor out there and it performs better than any other razor out there. The BlackBlade is an upgrade to the top-selling Genesis. Only 101 were made, each razor is individually numbered, mine is number 067. This is by far, without any shadow of a doubt, the finest-crafted, best-looking razor I have ever seen.
It has a hollowed handle which reduces the weight of the razor and when not in use, the Genesis rests on a perfectly matching, highly polished, solid stainless steel stand which has a rubberised base. Price: £1,900.00

Alpha Shaving Brush with Titanium Handle and Synthetic Fibre Knot. This one-piece shaving brush features an exquisite Titanium handle and incredibly soft 26mm synthetic fibre knot. This knot of hair is the most luxurious we have come across, it's soft on the face yet it has superb backbone due to the density of hair. This brush feels superb in the hand and it's so easy to grip thanks to the seven, beautifully engineered, deep flutes.
The base features a laser-etched Alpha logo and the number 22 - Titanium is the 22nd element in the periodic table. I love the weight of this brush in my hand and better still, it’s animal-friendly! Price: £185.00.

Executive Shaving Duine Fon Choill Aftershave Splash, after shaving, the male ritual is only complete with a splash of aftershave lotion to tone and freshen the skin leaving it lightly scented for an hour or so. The scent is an interesting blend of Citrus and Bergamot with mild, woody undertones. Price: £13.90, yes really, only £13.90.

After using these luxury shaving products my senses were uplifted to a happier place where wee birds sang, the sun shined brightly and waves gently lapped onto a golden beach. This Utopian feeling may only have lasted for a few minutes but what a feeling!

Great products do not guarantee a perfect daily shave but they do help and they certainly put a smile on your face.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at www.executive
Prices correct on 20th November 2019