In the interests of animal welfare, in 2018 we decided to no longer sell or promote badger hair brushes.
Shortly afterwards, we launched our range of Jock Synthetic Shaving Brushes and since then we have sold many 1,000s around the world.
Users love the pillow-soft fibres, the ease of use, the excellent value for money and of course they love that no animal had to die for its fur.
Choose from two sizes and three colours. Available in large with a generous 28mm knot and medium with its 23mm knot.
Big Jock is available in faux horn, faux ivory and black while Medium Jock is available in faux horn and black.
The lathe-turned handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and grip no matter how large or small your hands are.
The handles are densely packed with fibres, the density of fibres allows these brushes to lather up hard shaving soaps and soft shaving creams with ease.
The base of each brush features our Executive Shaving Company logo, this is your guarantee of quality, we are very protective of our brand.
Synthetic shaving brushes are easy to maintain, they dry almost immediately after use and if looked after you can expect a minimum of 10 years of daily use. Use it at home and on your travels.
Medium Jock Black (best seller) - £25.00
Medium Jock Faux Horn - £25.00
Medium Jock Faux Horn - £25.00
Big Jock Black - £32.00
Big Jock Faux Horn - £32.00
Big Jock Faux Ivory - £32.00

Prices correct on 21st April 2022
Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company