How To Save Money On Shaving and Grooming Items

Times are tough and they’re going to get tougher as inflation soars, fuel bills rise and Brexit bites even deeper.
We have a few ideas for you where you can save money and not skimp on how you look.
Save money on razor blades
If you use a cartridge razor such as Gillette Fusion, save money on expensive replacement blades by using a RazorPit Blade Sharpener, this simple tool extends blade life from around 6-8 shaves to up to 150 shaves. At only £19.95 it will pay for itself in no time at all.
If you are a cartridge razor shaver, switch to a safety razor, not only is this method better for your skin, but it’s also better for your wallet too. A decent safety razor will cost around £40.00, blades are good for 4 shaves and they only cost around 30p each. The average man will shave 5 x weekly and annually get through 65 blades at a cost of £19.50. if you use Gillette Fusion blades and change the blade weekly, you’ll spend around £150 on blades each year. Guys, get yourself a safety razor!

Razor Blade Trade Packs
A pack of 10 x Super Shave Safety Razor Blades costs £2.50.
A trade pack of Super Shave X blades contains 200 blades and only costs £29.00 reducing the cost of a pack from £2.50 to only £1.45.
A trade pack of Super Shave X blades delivers around two years of shaving for only £29.00!

There are considerable savings to be made on other brands including Feather, Personna, Tiger, Wilkinson Sword, Gillette and more.
Buying replacement blades in bulk mean saving not only on the cost of the actual blades but think on the money you’ll save on postage costs buying this way.

Shaving Brushes
If you’re on the hunt for a new brush, opt for synthetic. Apart from the obvious animal-friendly benefits, these brushes tend to last longer than badger hair brushes, they are cheaper to buy and they are highly suitable for travel as they dry almost immediately after use. Our top-selling shaving brush is this medium size Jock at only £25.00.

Shaving cream
To save money you may be tempted to choose a budget shaving cream such as Proraso. Don’t. Instead, go for a quality brand such as Castle Forbes or Executive Shaving. Although more expensive to buy they will prove better value in the long term. This is down to the superior quality of the product. Only a baked bean size of cream is needed to deliver sufficient lather for a three-pass shave. Not only that, your shave will be more comfortable and your skin will benefit.
Proraso, 150ml, £5.95 and good for 8 x weeks of shaving.
Executive Shaving, 200ml, £18.00 and good for 32 x weeks of shaving.

Aftershave Balm
Our Intensive Balm is very versatile, use it after shaving, use it as a daily moisturiser and use it after exposure to sunshine and cold weather. Our advice is to go large. Compare the two prices below.
100ml - £13.95
200ml - £22.00
It makes so much sense to buy the large 200ml size.

Geo F Trumper of London makes luxury shower gels, I really rate them, Spanish Leather especially but look at the pricing of the three available sizes.
100ml - £12.00
200ml - £17.00
500ml - £30.00
Buy the large 500ml size to get maximum value.

Sale items
Our website changes constantly, we often introduce new brands and products, this means we also drop some brands and products to make way for new stuff. The items we drop end up on our sale pages. Some current bargains include £20.00 off the Alpha Black Outlaw shaving brush, £5.50 off the Vielong shaving brush, £11.60 off Milano Centro EDP and £2.50 off our Hand Wash Liquid Soap. Check out our sale section here.

Prices correct on 20th April 2022
Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director