Cleaning A Safety Razor

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is ‘How do I keep my safety razor clean’? As we try to do with almost everything shaving related – our advice is keep it simple. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and I have an how to clean your double edge safety razorapartment near Malaga, Spain. Tap water in Scotland is very soft and very pure, as a result my razors need a minimum amount of cleaning but when I’m in Spain the difference is massive, there I need to deep clean my razor at least weekly.

At home, every Saturday morning i clean my razor using a childs soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water. The brush is small enough to get into all the little corners and edges. Now and again, I’ll use a little toothpaste on the brush, and I find that not only removes any stubborn stains, it also enhances the shine on chrome and stainless steel.

In Spain, the water is very hard and even after drying my razor with a towel, a white film develops on the head and handle and inside the head too. This white film really annoys me so every second day after shaving, I place my razor in a large glass of warm water which contains ordinary liquid soap, I’ll use whatever is too hand such as liquid bathroom soap or dish water liquid soap (shower gel or Fairy for example). I’ll leave the razor soaking in this solution for at least 4 hours, this softens the white film so that all that’s required to restore my razor to its former glory is a gentle once over with a soft toothbrush.

If you live in a hard water area the secret to keeping your razor clean is to clean it at least weekly. If you leave your razor uncleaned for more than a week you may need to soak the razor overnight in a 3 parts to one, part vinegar and water solution to remove the white build up or in Barbicide Disinfectant. You may see Barbicide at your barbers as they use this to sanitise scissors and clippers.

I do not recommend using your dishwater nor do I recommend using metal polish on your razors and please avoid totally any abrasive cleaners such as Brasso. They can wear the chrome plating on chrome plated razors and affect the finish on stainless steel razors.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
11th August 2020