A guest blog by Jorunn the soap maker at Fitjar Islands

Our customers ask the best questions. One such question is: Why is everyone raving about the Fitjar Pre Shave Stubble Softener Soap? Isn’t it just another black soap? And that is an excellent question. Here is what makes our Stubble Softener the choice of quality conscious men all over the world:

Fitjar Nyasha Stubble Softening Pre-Shave SoapThere is more to the Stubble Softener than just being black. It is black for a reason. And that reason is not because black looks cool. And yes, a black cleansing bar does look rather distinguished on a man’s bathroom shelf, but never mind that. It is black because it has added mineral rich black clay, which is gently exfoliating, deep cleanses the pores, lifts out impurities, and firms the skin. In addition, the oils in the Stubble Softener have been carefully selected to be especially moisturising and soothing: creamy, dense lathering and superbly gentle shea butter, moisturising olive oil, protecting cocoa butter, and a fair amount of richly lathering coconut oil.

All this adds up to the most thoroughly cleansing and softening skin care routine a man can ask for, but most importantly it gives you the best possible preparation for a good shave. Because softening the skin and gently exfoliating before a shave prevents ingrown hairs. Also saturating the stubble with water softens each hair, making it easier to cut. And finally, massaging the lather into the skin lifts the stubble to ensure an even closer shave.

Want to find out what the hype is about? Order your own Stubble Softener and find out for yourself:

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Written by Jorunn the Soap Maker at Fitjar Islands.