Jason Jones of ShavingAdvisor.com reviews the Outlaw Mild Razor

Outlaw Elegant razorIt's always good to read a review from an independent source, so many thanks to Jason Jones who runs Shaving Advisor.com, an online forum for reviewing safety razors.

In his latest article Jason reviews, in detail, the Outlaw Mild double edged safety razor. His comprehensive review gives a five star rating for Quality/Design, Performance, Ease of Use, Aggressiveness, Value for Money and a final Overall rating.

Find out what Jason has to say about our Mild Outlaw Razor and the star grading he gives it, in his Outlaw Mild Razor Review.

As Jason mentions, the Mild Outlaw is not as mild as the Merkur 34C or the Muhle R89 but it is milder when compared to the Standard Outlaw.

Jason opted for the Super Grip Handle, there are three others to choose from Elegant, Evolution and Sure Grip. Check out the complete Outlaw range here.

The all stainless steel Outlaw was designed for men who want a close yet comfortable shave in two passes. We believe that fewer passes lead to a reduction in post-shave irritation.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
12th August 2021