Daily we get asked “what shaving cream is the best” our answer is never straightforward, as we try to gear our answer specifically to the customer’s needs. For example, we will ask whether he has sensitive skin, what type of razor he’s using if he likes or dislikes a particular scent, what his budget is and more.

 For the sake of the article let’s say we’re dealing with a typical Executive Shaving customer, age 45 with no skin problems, no particular likes or dislikes to any particular scent and he uses a safety razor 5-6 times a week.
I’m into my 10th year at Executive Shaving and during that time I must have tested and used 100s of shaving creams, the list below includes some of my all-time favourites. In no particular order…

Castle Forbes Lavender
Most buyers opt for Castle Forbes Lime but for me Lavender is the best of their range which also includes Sandalwood and 1445. The scent of lavender for some men may invoke memories of old ladies smelling faintly of lavender talcum powder but the scent of this cream is a stunning, manly, heady, floral and herbaceous mix. All Castle Forbes creams are dense and very protective; additionally Castle Forbes Lavender Shaving Cream is specifically for men with sensitive skin. Expect 5-6 months daily shaving from one tub. There is a matching aftershave balm to go with this fabulous shaving cream. Price: £22.50. 

Proraso Azur Lime
I can’t see what the fuss is about Proraso’s traditional shaving creams and soaps, for me the lathers are weak and the scents frankly awful. In 2017 Proraso thankfully launched their Single Edge Range with new formulations and scents; the best of them is Azur Lime with its fresh, tangy citrus fruits enriched with mint leaves scent. Unusually this cream comes in a large 275ml tube which you squeeze to release the cream. Lathering this cream up is a joy, it’s so easy to get going. Proraso tells me this new range is for users of safety, single edge and cut throat razors, this I can understand because the thick, creamy lather would clog up a cartridge blade. A matching aftershave balm and cologne is available. This cream is great value for money and a treat to use. Price: £17.00.

Fitjar Folgefonn
Few shaving creams can match the razor glide, lubrication and cushioning that Fitjar Folgefonn delivers and fewer still can beat the minty, fresh scent. Folgefonn seems to contain less menthol than before but it still delivers a refres

hing wake-up to your morning routine. Handmade in Norway by a small dedicated team of soap makers, this cream is expensive but worth every penny. For the complete Folgefonn experience match up with Folgefonn aftershave moisturiser or cooling gel. Price: £29.50.

Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream
This was our first own-brand shaving cream, it gets super reviews and enjoys very high repeat sales which demonstrate its worth and popularity. It was formulated by a cosmetic chemist with a worldwide reputation to our specifications. We wanted a gentle, cooling cream packed full of lubrication, glide and slickness

 and she delivered and more. Unlike Proraso’s new range although designed for safety and cut throat shaving in mind it is also highly effective when used with a cartridge razor. Natural Shaving Cream is subtly infused with the refreshing scents of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Juniper and Pine Needle.

 Remarkably, this wee 150ml tub will last 5-6 months such is its lathering power. We really should increase our price soon, it’s too cheap. Price: £11.50. 

Musgo Real Orange Amber
Made in Portugal, Claus Porto Musgo Real Shaving Cream is delicately scented with amber, musk and citrus, it lathers up a treat with or without a shaving brush. It contains lanolin and glycerine to soften the beard bristles and moisturise the skin while you shave. This is not a cheap product at £18.00 for 100ml but only a tiny amount is needed to generate enough lather for three passes. For me, I think you should use a brush and bowl to whip the cream to the consistency you wish, using your hands only leads to a thin lather and a lot of wasted cream. Price: £18.00.

Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather
If you like a warm woody scent then you’ll love this cream, it’s proper old school and it includes glycerin for slickness. Surprisingly it’s only available in a 75ml tube, it’s a big seller and often bought with Spanish Leather cologne or shower gel. It seems that some men are addicted to the sensuous, decadent scent. Come on Trumper make Spanish Leather Shaving Cream available in a 200ml tub please! Price £11.00.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company
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