We all know times are tough right now as we see the price of petrol and diesel, heating, food and mortgages increase significantly. There are cost-cutting measures we can introduce and if you’re a wet shaver who uses cartridge blades, you’ve got to read this.
From what I can gather, it seems Gillette Fusion are the most popular cartridge blades, Gillette currently has them on offer today (13th May 2022) at £24.00 for 8 cartridges.
Muhle R89 Safety Razor
This works out at £3.00 per cartridge, despite what Gillette claim, I have only managed to get four decent shaves from one cartridge, I know this as I used a Fusion for a three day trip to Dublin (what a city) and the first four shaves were very decent, the fifth shave when I got home wasn’t pleasan

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