Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. Our new Fragrance Free Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm for Sensitive Skin

    Not a working day goes by without someone getting in touch to ask for advice on how to treat post-shave irritation and sensitive skin. Symptoms typically include, redness, itchiness, razor burn and rashes. The obvious solution is to treat the cause not the symptom. To combat these irritations we created our brand new Fragrance Free shaving cream and aftershave balm.

    Read all about them in our latest blog post.

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  2. Ladies Let's Talk... About My First Shave!

    Kirstie talks about using a safety razor for the first time!
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  3. Ladies Let's Talk... About Our New Feature!

    It's time for ladies to feel confident about using a safety razor - so join our Digital & Marketing Manager Kirstie, as she starts on her journey! 

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