Monthly Archives: November 2019

  1. Top Nine Recommended Men’s Fragrances

    Are you looking for some present buying inspiration this year?

    Check out our Top Nine Recommended Men's Fragrances blog post to find out what to get him this Christmas.

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  2. The Executive Shaving Company Badger Hair & Shaving Brushes - A Statement

    Badger Hair Shaving Brushes – A Statement

    We will no longer be buying in badger hair shaving brushes, existing stocks to be sold off at discounted prices.
    Read our statement in full.

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  3. My Ultimate In Luxury Shaving Kit

    For the absolute ultimate in shaving luxury, check out Brian’s latest blog post. In it he reviews the OneBlade BlackBlade limited edition razor, the Alpha titanium Outlaw shaving brush and our on natural shaving cream and Duine Fon Choill aftershave.

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  4. Something Big Is Coming!

    This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall on the same weekend, from Friday the 29th of November, through to Monday 2nd of December. Find out all about our sale event in this latest blog post.

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  5. Imperious, Lisboa and Bloodaxe Eau De Parfum

    We have recently teamed up with Matt at Pocket Scents to bring you his range of extraordinary eau de parfum fragrances. Find out about the Pocket Scents story in Brian’s latest blog post.

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  6. The Outlaw Stainless Steel Safety Razor

    Our brand new solid stainless-steel double-edged safety razor, the Outlaw, is in the final stages of development. Taking its inspiration from our hugely successful Braveheart razor, find out a little more about the Outlaw's journey through development and how it compares to more commonly available safety razors in Brian’s latest blog post.

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  7. Review: The Titanium Outlaw Synthetic Shaving Brush

    Discover how Brian rates the new Alpha Outlaw synthetic shaving brush with titanium handle in his latest blog post.

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