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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  1. Natural Sponges

    Perfect for use in the bath or shower, a natural sea sponge is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Carefully harvested by Croll and Denecke, so that the sponges can regenerate, read all about Brian's thoughts on using a natural sponge in the bath.

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  2. Pre Shave Oil or Pre Shave Soap?

    Q: A friend suggested I use a pre shave oil to help me get a better shave, I also saw pre shave soaps on your website. What is best? I'm age 45 with a heavy growth, I'm a cop and I need to shave daily. Discover what Brian recommends in this latest blog post.

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  3. iKon Slant Safety Razor Review

    Read Brian's review of one of the most eagerly awaited razors launched in the last few years, the iKon Slant Head Razor.

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  4. Teenage and Acne Prone Skin Shaving

    My teenage son has recently started shaving and he keeps using the trimmer on his shaver claiming the foil head won't shave the hair away and if he presses harder it irritates his skin, what is he doing wrong? (female single parent hence no male to ask!). Check out Brian's advice and his tips for novice shavers in this blog post.

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  5. Bath, Body and Nail Brushes In Stock

    Q: How can you properly exfoliate and cleanse your skin in the shower and bath? See what Brian's answer is in this latest blog post.

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  6. Spanish Leather Shaving Cream And Aftershave - A Brief History.

    Spanish Leather is a unique fragrance that can trace its origins back to 16th Century Spain. Discover more about this beguiling scent in this latest blog post.

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