Vintage 1950s Gillette Tech Safety Razor (England)

Vintage 1950s Gillette Tech Safety Razor (England)


Vintage 1950s Gillette Tech Safety Razor (England)

Gillette Tech 1951-1960 Made In England - MINT

No date stamp on this Gillette Ball End Tech razor so precise dating is not possible.

This particular razor has an aluminium base plate and an aluminium handle, it's light at 30g and measures 80 mm making it ideal for travel.
It has a three piece construction, to change a blade, hold the handle between the forefinger and thumb and with the other hand gently hold the head, turn the handle anti clockwise and the head and base plate will  detach from the handle allowing access to change the blade.

I love this version of the Tech, if it was a car it would be a mini - robust, reliable and incredibly manoeuvrable. In terms of aggressiveness this is a mild - medium shaver.

In MINT CONDITION, no scratches, no dents.
The highly polished face is etch washed with the word Gillette in the diamond logo.

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