Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food (200 ml)

Trumpers Limes Skin Food


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Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food (200 ml):

Geo F Trumper's Extracts of Limes skin food is a specially formulated light, non oily, glycerine based product that can be used before or after the shave.

When used as a pre shave, Trumper's skin food softens the bristles, adding nourishment to protect the skin and allows the razor to glide giving a comfortable shave.

Using a small amount of skin food after a shave seals the skin while also soothing, nourishing and moisturising the newly shaved skin.

Trumper's Extract of Limes scent is an infusion of the tangy sharpness of freshly squeezed tropical limes with vibrant citrus flashes - very exhilarating!

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Customer Reviews

Ian M - (4 of 5)

Funny stuff this. I'm not at all sure of its effectiveness as a pre shave and it is a bit lightweight as a post shave, being neither particularly cooling, soothing or moisturising (in my opinion) - but I do really like using this as a final 'sealant' after applying a 'proper' aftershave balm. And as an extra, it also doubles up as a very good hair conditioner for my short hair, leaving it shiny and silky smooth.

Gordon Sheridan - (4 of 5)

I use this as a pre shave lotion, it provides great lubrication for the razor

Alex Kettle-Stupka - (4.5 of 5)

A very light and flexible product, usable as a pre-shave lotion, a light daily moisturiser and as an aftershave balm. Disappears into the skin in seconds literally, leaving no greasy residue, sadly the scent does the same, ideal if you want to use cologne but a shame as the smell is fresh lime. A surprisingly effective moisturiser which feels slightly astringent but has no sting. Expensive but a little goes a long way.

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