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Dalvey Classic Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

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Engineered from stainless steel the Dalvey Classic Shaving Bowl is the perfect companion for a Dalvey Shaving Set or as a stand alone, luxury shaving accessory.

Highly polished, lovingly crafted in Scotland, it's perfectly sized for holding in the palm of your hand while lathering up your favourite shaving cream or soap.

With Dalvey it's all about attention to detail, superior design and the exceptional quality of the materials they use; only the best is good enough for Dalvey.

Product Code: ESC006051

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Dalvey is a luxury menswear and accessories brand based in the Highlands of Scotland. Dalvey was founded in 1897 specialising in the production of bagpipes. Since then Dalvey has evolved into the leading luxury Scottish brand. The quintessential Dalvey man is independent, discerning, inquiring and broadminded.

As you would expect, the bowl comes to you beautifully presented in a branded Dalvey box. 

This is a lathering bowl for life.



It features precision, deep engraving of the highest engineering standards. Engraved in Latin script in the bottom of the bowl; Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat which translates to Fortune Favours The Brave.

Rather mysteriously engraved on the rim is Carpe Diem which is a phrase from a Latin poem by Quintus Horatius Flaccus. It translates to "seize the day"

Weight: 270g

Measures: 113mm outer diameter x 30mm deep.



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This Dalvey Bowl is a real work of art! Just awesome.

Paul from South Yorkshire
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This bowl is superbly made, it is very thick and weighty and just feels like the luxury item that it is. My only complaint is the size, I am a shaving cream man, and wanted a lathering bowl. Unfortunately this isn't big enough for me, I use a Kent BK8 brush and it is too big for this bowl. I suspect that it is made for Dalvey soap, and not as a lathering bowl. If you want to house a shaving soap, or if you use a smaller brush, this really is the best bowl that money can buy. Is it worth the money? Absolutely, in terms of value for money, your grandchildren will be using this bowl, it is that we'll made. I just wish it was a bit bigger.

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Whilst this bowl is not the cheapest, it is of a very high standard. The finis quality is superb and heavy.
I use a Kent 8 brush and have no problems mixing with this combination.
A really nice Christmas present, a cut above the rest.

Tolga Oner
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I've bought quite a few items from Executive Shaving recently all of which have proven to be fantastic products! This bowl-one of my last purchases-is a beauty and has a unique craftsmanship applied. The quality of the materials used is superior. The bowl is perfectly balanced and has an ideal size. It looks so beautiful that initially I wasn't sure if I wanted to use it as a shaving bowl!

Many thanks to Brian for his expert advice in encouraging me to buy this fantastic product!

John Gow
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This is solid high grade stainless steel. Extremely heavy and fits lovely in the palm. I was worried about switching from a mug to a bowl thinking that the lather would spill over the edges but no, beautifully designed with nothing spilling out. Lovely engraving and this compliments my Dalvery Silvertip large brush and vintage straight razor collection nicely. Many thanks.

Stephen Clark Portadown
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It's too good looking to use! Faultlessly made, wonderful craftsmanship.

Bob from Australia
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While I initially hesitated at the price, I was encouraged by the other reviews and went ahead and ordered this bowl. Boy, am I glad that I did. It arrived today and the quality easily exceeds all of my expectations.

Steve Carter
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I reckon this to be one of the finest modern shaving bowls ever made, sadly it's very difficult to find the old milkglass Old Spice ones now which would probably cost what this one is priced at. Anyway this solid one will not chip or crack & can easily be passed from father to son & still look factory fresh after a lifetime of use. Perfect.

Mark Doyle
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Sometimes you find in life a thing of rare beauty, this is such an item. Top class, and would make a great present for a very special occasion.

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An amazing piece of art, no other word for it; the sheer heft and feel of this bowl takes it into another league. And no more worries about dropping the bowl and breaking it- if anything, I'm now worried about breaking through the floor if it drops! The Dalvey bowl is superbly finished- feels good to see such craftsmanship, first thing in the morning. I was using a Jagger steel bowl prior to this, that was no slouch either; well, that Jagger bowl is history now, consigned more mundane uses. It's difficult to go back to lesser products after having used a product at this level.




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