Cella Crema Da Barba Now In Stock

Cella Crema Da BarbaCella Crema Da Barba Classica is a world wide top seller and is now available to buy at Executive Shaving!

Cella shaving cream is not like a traditional soft shaving cream - it is a hybrid. Cella is somewhere between a soap and a cream, more like a thick mousse or a putty.

Formulated with tallow and coconut oil, Cella shaving cream produces a rich lather to lubricate the face allowing the razor to glide effortlessly. 

At only 7.00GBP, Cella is great value for money. Only a small amount (about the size of a small grape) is needed to create the lather. Cella can be used with any shaving brush and will lather straight from the tub - there is no need to purchase a seperate shaving bowl!

To add a Cella shaving cream to your basket today, click the link below:

Cella Crema Da Barba

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