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Shaving with a cut throat razor or straight razor is the most traditional and argued by some wet shaving enthusiasts as the only way to shave.
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What is a Cut Throat Razor?

Basically, a cut throat razor has a single straight blade that is attached to a handle by a pin. The  blade is stored by folding it edge-first into a slot in the handle of the razor.

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Cut-Throat Razor - A Brief History

As far back as the civilisations of Rome and Greece used iron blades with a long handle and developed the shape of the cut-throat' razor which was the only practical razor until the 19th century. With improvements in steel manufacture came cut throat razor blades that were really sharp and capable of being re-sharpening.

Advances in razor technology changed shaving habits in the 20th century. In 1900, most men were either shaved by the local barber (your trusted confidante, wielding a cut throat razor), or periodically at home when required, rather than regularly. The barber's better-off customers would have personal sets of seven cut throat razors, labelled 'Sunday' to 'Saturday'. Today, nearly all men shave everyday in their own homes, using a wide variety of equipment.

Cut-throat razor must be used with extreme caution. Executive Shaving would be very pleased to give advice on using the cut-throat razor before purchase.

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